[ Joyful Newborn & Parenting ] Only English Version 只有英文版

This collection is specially designed for both of you, as the primary caregiver and your newborn baby!

· Well researched “Positive Affirmations” for nurturing the mind of Newborns up to 3-year-old Infants - Health, Joy and self Esteem

· Excellent Mind Enrichment Tool for:
- Well being of parent-child relationship from the start of pregnancy.
– Parents to stay positively connected to children from pregnancy to birth, through infancy to childhood.
- Caretakers who play active roles in raising secure, respectful, joyful and loving children.
- Less stressful but more joyful parenthood.


This collection consists of 2CDs:

1) CD190 Just for Newborns

Sample thought modification messages in this product:
“I am alert. I love life. I breathe easily. I like nourishment. I am loved. My body develops perfectly. My mind develops perfectly. I am smart. I smile. I respond positively to stimuli. I sleep soundly. I am good natured. I am healthy. My breathing capacity is strong”.


2) CD350 Joyful Parenting

Sample thought modification messages in this product:
I love children. I enjoy being with children. The beauty of life is miraculous. The glory of innocence is awe inspiring. Pre-verbal children trust me. I am trustworthy. I am patient. I am caring. I am loving. I am peaceful. I am joyful. I love caring and sharing. I love to care for pre-verbal children. I am patient with children. I provide love, joy and peace.

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